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Why choose Tarbes ?

Why study in France ?

France is :

A country which hosts 220,000 foreign students every year. The lowest registration fees in the world, all the students have the same status and can obtain the same diplomas.

One of the leader countries in science and technology Aerospace, Transport, Electronics, Telecommunications, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Health…

Different and successful ways to study: 87 universities, 115 IUTs, 240 engineering schools, 230 business schools, 2,000 other institutions of higher education to study art, fashion, architecture, paramedics…

Why study in Tarbes ?

Tarbes is :

  • A city at the heart of South West of France:
    1h30 away from Toulouse, 2h30 away from Bordeaux, 20mn away from Lourdes.
  • A city in the heart of Nature:
    30 mn away from The Pyrenean Mountains: 1 hour away from skiing, hiking and other mountain, water and snow activities.1h away from the Atlantic Ocean.
  • 1h away from Spain and close to Andorra. A possibility to discover different cultures!

Why choose the IUT?

The courses have been designed in collaboration with industry and have an applied focus: work placements and live projects being part of course requirements.

The working world is central to the courses at the IUT that are both academic and practical with many modules devoted to field or lab work and project management.

Teaching is done by academics (researchers and non-researchers), and professionals from industrial or business companies, either in lectures or practicals, which facilitates teacher / student contact.

The IUT applies the ‘Bologna Process’ leading to harmonisation and transparency of studies in the European Union; thus the structure of courses has become semestrial and results are validated in accordance with the ECTS system.

Contents are decided and validated by a national Commission composed of academics and professionals, making the DUT a national award

You can watch a utube video of foreign students who came to study in Tarbes.