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Prepare your arrival


You will find several types of accommodation in Tarbes:

  • At the student accommodation. It is situated 23 rue Vincent Scotto, 2mns walk from the IUT. You will find 2 different types of rooms that are available for students :
  • Rooms (9m2) with a bathroom, for around 180 euros per month
  • Studettes (14m2), with a bathroom, toilets and a small kitchen (fridge and cooker – no oven), for around 230 euros per month.

Please note that students who will book a room from September will have to pay for the whole month of September even if they arrive later.

If you wish to book a student room or studette, please write an email before the 30th of June, giving details about your name, address and phone number as well as the course you will attend in Tarbes: administration.ri at

Beware : for any type of accommodation, you will be required :

  • An accommodation insurance
  • A deposit (about 1 month of rent, which will be returned when you leave)
  • Someone who can sign a guarantee (and who can pay the rent if you don’t)


In order to eat, you will find several ways :

  • The Student restaurant is opened at lunch and dinner times, from Monday noon to Friday night. You’ll need to pay 3 euros.
  • The « paillotte », is a little take-away service where you can buy sandwiches and salads inside the IUT. The average price for a sandwich is 2,5 euros.
  • Downtown you will find any type of places where you can eat at a wide range of different prices.

Beware: Students who will be staying in a student ‘room’ will not be provided with a kitchen. So on weekends, they will need to eat downtown or to find other students (who are staying in a ‘studette’) to share their kitchen.

How to get there

You will find here information about how to get to Tarbes.

Sud Ouest de la France - JPEG - 32.5 kb
Sud Ouest de la France

You can come to the IUT :

  • By plane : Lourdes airport
  • By train, Tarbes Train Station (the train station is not close to the IUT)
  • By car : Motorway A64 , Exit 12. 1st roundabout: follow TARBES, 2nd roundabout: follow TARBES center, 3rd roundabout : follow ‘Domaine Universitaire’. The entrance is on the left at 100m after the roundabout, opposite the « Big Mat ».
IUT - JPEG - 16.3 kb

You will find here an interactive map of Tarbes.

Other information

- The international club of l’ENIT is an association meant for foreign students.
You can visit their website. We also have inside the IUT an association named ALICE, that organises activities for foreign students and enable the students to meet and stay with French families for one week end.

  • A lot of different activities and sports can be done in Tarbes. You can have more information at the sport office, which is next to the register office.

- International days are organized each year at the IUT of Tarbes. We ask foreign students to participate. Please think about bringing along a flag as well as objects and food from your country.

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